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Official Price List


Notification for Users: Power futures contracts are traded under the licence and on the trading platform of the European Energy Exchange AG. More information can be found at www.eex.com. Czech gas spot and futures futures contracts with the delivery to the Czech virtual trading point are traded under the licence and on the trading platform of Powernext SA. More information can be found at www.powernext.com. Without an agreement it is not permitted to calculate an index as understood under the EU Regulation on Indices Used as Benchmark (2016/1011). Should you wish to calculate indices please contact us.

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IssuerPrice [EUR]Change [%]Contracts [MW]Trade volume [MWh]Trade value [EUR]Open Interest [Contracts]Chart
F PXE HU BL M05-1942.410.07000
F PXE HU BL M06-1944.24-0.982215,84015,840
F PXE HU BL M07-1953.56-0.28000
F PXE HU BL M08-1954.18-0.55000
F PXE HU BL M09-1954.80-0.20000
F PXE HU BL M10-1960.36-0.40000
F PXE HU BL M11-1962.89-0.08000
F PXE HU BL Q03-1954.17-0.35000
F PXE HU BL Q04-1959.55-0.13000
F PXE HU BL Q01-2062.57-0.05000
F PXE HU BL Q02-2051.84-0.71000
F PXE HU BL Q03-200.00000
F PXE HU BL Q04-200.00000
F PXE HU BL Q01-210.00000
F PXE HU BL CAL-2058.100.22000
F PXE HU BL CAL-2155.48-0.02000
F PXE HU BL CAL-2255.37-0.34000
F PXE HU BL CAL-230.00000
F PXE HU BL CAL-240.00000
F PXE HU BL CAL-250.00000
F PXE HU PL M05-1949.740.77000
F PXE HU PL M06-1954.09-0.64000
F PXE HU PL M07-1965.010.05000
F PXE HU PL M08-1966.44-0.06000
F PXE HU PL M09-1969.470.36000
F PXE HU PL M10-1969.90-0.89000
F PXE HU PL M11-1975.630.12000
F PXE HU PL Q03-1966.910.12000
F PXE HU PL Q04-1973.920.04000
F PXE HU PL Q01-2075.81-0.05000
F PXE HU PL Q02-2060.650.07000
F PXE HU PL Q03-200.00000
F PXE HU PL Q04-200.00000
F PXE HU PL Q01-210.00000
F PXE HU PL CAL-2069.70-0.31000
F PXE HU PL CAL-2166.83-0.45000
F PXE HU PL CAL-2267.48-0.19000
F PXE HU PL CAL-230.00000
F PXE HU PL CAL-240.00000
F PXE HU PL CAL-250.00000